Tag: Former WG crew


  • Cassie Aracane

    Cassie Aracane is part owner of the Warrior Geisha. Though she be but little, she is fierce. She is currently the 'cruise director', in charge of the ship's morale, which is harder than it sounds. She has many skills, and is always surprising.

  • Lanny Maru

    Lanny is a gunner, pilot, and part time bartender on the Warrior Geisha. She is in a relationship with Ted.

  • Sonja Balkan

    Sonja is a gunner and pilot aboard the Warrior Geisha. She has a somewhat abrasive personality, and is on thin ice aboard the ship.

  • Merrick

    Merrick is the former ship's engineer aboard the Warrior Geisha. He left WG on Rhylanor in late 1107. The engineering bots still consider him to be their idol.

  • Jerry Palmer

    Jerry was a member of the bridge crew and served as the Communications officer aboard the Warrior Geisha,. He left WG on Rhylanor in late 1107. He is a party animal with a fine sense in formal wear. Jerry has no home world; he was born and raised in space.

  • Mr. Hodges

    Mr. Hodges is the Chef and steward bot aboard the Warrior Geisha. He is very proud of his creations, and despairs that the biological folks (human and not) he serves will ever like well made cuisine.